What does the app do?

Tracks daily regulatory activities of the Federal Communications Commission as they occur

delivering to your iPhone or iPad . . .

  • News Releases
  • The Daily Digest
  • Late releases
  • Blog postings
  • Docket filings

. . . within minutes of their posting by the FCC

FCC Alerts by The DC Office® tracks and displays regulatory activities of the Federal Communications Commission as they occur throughout the day, including news releases, the Daily Digest, mid-day late releases, the FCC blog, and comments filed in FCC docketed proceedings that you have selected for tracking.

All postings contain links to source documents that you can read on the spot or forward to your laptop or to colleagues . . . and filings in docketed proceedings can be “bookmarked” within the app for reading at your convenience. All of this unfolds in real-time within minutes of FCC release.

Track as many dockets as you like and receive alerts when new filing are added.

Spot-check for filings in any docket that you have not added to your tracking list.

Receive alerts when the FCC creates new dockets

For all features, you can opt to receive alerts whenever new content is added.

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What does the app cost?

Service options

  • Free Service - FCC News Releases
  • Full Service - News Releases, Daily Digest, Late releases, Blog postings, Comments filed in docketed proceedings (no limit on number of dockets tracked)
  • $29.99 per month after two-week free trial

How do I install the app?

To install the app from your iPhone or iPad, touch the Apple App Store icon on your home screen and search on: fcc alerts
Or, if you are reading this on your iPhone or iPad, click the App Store badge below to go directly to the App Store page for the DCO app (or be directed to install iTunes software, if needed, and then routed to the App Store page for the DCO app).
When you see the DCO app icon in the App Store, click on [GET], then [INSTALL]. This will begin the download. Follow the steps displayed to choose your service tier (Free or Free Trial) and complete the installation.

TheDCOffice, Inc. and FCC Alerts by The DC Office® have no affiliation or contractual relationship with the Federal Communications Commission or any other government agency